** Price Policy **


MuseDoll's international price is determined by the exchange rate.

(when we withdraw from paypal service)

so, the price will be changed with notice.


Prices on all items include tax and handling fee.

This does not include shipping charge.

(Shipping fees are determined entirely by EMS)



** Payment **


We have Paypal and international moner order as official payment method.


 It must be received before your order is processed and shipped.


 paypal account  :  musedoll@musedoll.com


 money order infromation  :  name - Choi Jung Ra

 address - 401 Chunggu bldg. 83 Dongsomun-dong 4ga,

Sungbuk-gu, Seoul , South Korea

zip code - 136-034

phone number - +82-2-921-0140


* Money order takes 3~10 days for arrival and clearance according to your area.

* Money order may not be accepted for limited items.



If you cannot use these methods, feel free to ask us.


We will try to accept other ways like wire transfer, Western Union, etc.





사업자등록번호 209-06-53649

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Address: 47-25 Dongnyeok-gil, Okgye-myeon, Gangneung-si, South Korea

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